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1481 Pisgah Church Rd.
Lexington, South Carolina 29072
(803) 951-3313


8 - 6 Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri
Closed Tues (drop off / pickup 8-9 & 4-5 only)
8- 5 Saturday
10-11 & 3-5 Sunday (drop off / pickup)

Special Pets Boarding Services

We are a small boarding facility (25 indoor/outdoor runs) taking a personalized approach to pet boarding. We believe that smaller is better with less stress and more individual attention for our boarders. Dogs receive a minimum of four yard turn outs daily and we offer doggy playtimes with dogs who have demonstrated an ability to play without aggression with other dogs. All dogs are given human attention and affection through the course of the day.

Our kennels are heated and cooled and clean with two fully fenced exercise yards. We welcome your food from home or we can feed our own (Pedigree dry adult small bites). We also accept toys, treats, and other items from home for your pet’s comfort and enjoyment.

Please schedule your boarding reservations, grooming appointments, and kennel tours with us ahead of visiting. As a small facility there are times when we are involved in the care of the animals staying with us, or attending to other responsibilities and we cannot simply stop. This is a courtesy we insist upon.

Also our hours of operation are 8 - 6 Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri; Closed Tues (drop off / pickup 8 - 9 & 4 - 5 only); 8 - 5 on Saturday, and 10 - 11 and 3 - 5 on Sunday. We are closed on Holidays. We are available 24/7 for the pets in our care but we also need time for ourselves, please respect this. We are an owner occupied kennel property and make frequently trips down to the kennel at night particularly during thunderstorm season and over the fourth of July. Your pets are that important to us.

We expect pets staying with us to be vaccinated as per your vet’s recommendations; we need to see shot paperwork on all new clients on the first boarding stay. We expect boarders to be using a 30 day flea control product. Pets found to have fleas will be treated and you will be charged accordingly.

We accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and debit cards. Returned checks will be subject to a service charge.

We have worked in the pet care business for over twenty five years now and dedicate ourselves to the care and comfort of our four legged customers. Your pet is special at Special Pets.

Our 2009 Boarding Rates (for Daycare Rates please inquire)

  • Small dogs (up to 40lb) $14.00 per day, second dog $10.00, third dog $8.00
    (4x4 inside with 4 x 12 outside area)
  • Large dogs (over 40lb) $18.00 per day, second dog $12.00, third dog $10.00
    (8 x 5 inside with 5 x 16 outside)

We offer multiple pets sharing the same dog run discounts. We also offer discounts for stays of 30 days or longer (must be prepaid). Boarding is calculated as full day charge on day of check in and every subsequent day. On day of pick up if the dog checks out in the morning there is no charge for the day of pick up, if the dog is collected in the afternoon then a half day charge will apply for that day.

  • For additional pets in same run, please inquire as to cost.
  • All dogs receive 4 yard walks daily.
  • Grooming available while boarding, please inquire.
  • We are an owner occupied property.

Here are a few pictures of our boarding facility. Please click to enlarge.

Indoor Runs - Click to Enlarge
Indoor Runs
Playtime! - Click to Enlarge
Outside - Click to Enlarge
Kennel - Click to Enlarge
Outdoor Runs - Click to Enlarge
Outdoor Runs

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