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1481 Pisgah Church Rd.
Lexington, South Carolina 29072
(803) 951-3313


8 - 6 Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri
Closed Tues (drop off / pickup 8-9 & 4-5 only)
8- 5 Saturday
10-11 & 3-5 Sunday (drop off / pickup)

ABOUT SPECIAL PETS Taz with 2 Cresteds

We are a relatively small boarding facility, taking a personalized approach to pet boarding. We believe that smaller is better with less stress and more individual attention for our boarders. Dogs receive a minimum of four yard turn outs daily and we offer doggy playtimes with dogs who have demonstrated an ability to play without aggression with other dogs. All dogs are given human attention and affection through the course of the day.

Grooming is one of the ways to maintain a pet’s health and hygiene. It is also a way to get a unique look or style on the coated dogs. I have been grooming for over 25 years now, as an offshoot of my dog showing years.

The advantages of a smaller boarding facility like our own are:

  • Fewer Animals = Less Stress
  • Fewer animals allows us to give every boarder more outside time in one of our fenced in yards.
  • Dogs that are sociable can have supervised play with other dogs.
  • Four daily yard trips for each dog means that our kennel stays cleaner and smells good when
    you walk in the front door.
  • Fewer animals means that not only does my staff know each pet as an individual, but so do I.
    We know your dog’s preferences and can do little things to make his or her stay more fun and more
  • This kennel is being run for the dogs; they are our number one priority. We are not spending a lot
    of time marketing ourselves to the humans. We believe that our customers, who really love their dogs,
    will appreciate our dog oriented approach.

About the Owner: Nancy Marble


Nancy Marble, the owner of Special Pets, is a graduate of Wellesley College. Her parents probably had more traditional aspirations for her, as far as career path went, but it was evident from an early age that she had “gone to the dogs” and had no intention of returning.

She has over 25 years of experience as a dog groomer, kennel manager, and exhibitor of AKC Pharaoh Hounds. From 1998 to 2005 she worked for Joy Brewster an, AKC professional dog show handler, and later AKC licensed judge; as well as owner of Cassio Kennels, a large boarding facility in Newtown, CT.

Ms Marble was general manager of Cassio for five of her seven years there, and supervised a staff of 12+ employees that cared for 150+ dogs during the peak boarding periods. The challenges and rewards of running a large, at times frenetically busy, kennel were invaluable in shaping her own vision of what an outstanding boarding facility needs to offer.

She has owned and operated Special Pets since 2006 here in Lexington, and this is her consuming passion. She is a hands on owner who actively works in the kennel with the boarding clients and continues to groom on a part time basis. She shares her life with eleven dogs; Taz and Kizzy, her two beloved Pharaoh hounds, Joe, her Lab, Tigerlily, her Shih Tzu, and seven very mischievous Chinese Cresteds.

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